• Print What is Mindfulness? These times are challenging and life just seems to be getting ever harder. As the pace increases and the daily demands and stresses keep growing, it often seems like an endless struggle which effects our health and destroys our quality of life. Here at Now we know it doesn’t have to be like this, let us share some simple techniques and a few basic ideas that can help you radically transform how you experience life.
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  • Print Community When you feel good, you want to share it, the more you share it the better you feel. That’s the magic of the Now community. When you get a bunch of mindful people all together they become a really powerful force for good. We don’t need anyone’s permission to make our world a better place - we can just do it! We can simply start by improving our-selves and through our Mindful self-awareness, watch it spread.
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Mindfulness for everyone

An Introduction to mindfulness and the work of The Now Project

Welcome to The Now Project

There is nothing more now than mindfulness. It seems that everyone is catching on to the life enhancing benefits of this wonderfully simple practice. Mindfulness is being recommended for everything from depression, to post traumatic stress disorder, from irritable bowl syndrome to drug addiction. It’s taking the world of psychotherapy by storm and becoming the treatment of choice for many conditions even within mainstream medicine.

But mindfulness isn’t really about illness, it’s about wellness. It’s about learning how to get the most from each moment and how to experience life with a greater intensity, with more clarity, and a renewed sense of fun and adventure. Quite simply mindfulness makes you happier, healthier, smarter and it’s brilliant.

Mindfulness is a waking meditation practice which creates heightened alertness and focus; this calms your mind and allows you to access a peaceful, relaxed, but highly awake and intelligent state of being called awareness. It’s a wonderful experience to turn down the noise and find some inner peace and rest from your head. Can you imagine what it would be like to switch off the worry’s, problems, and take a break from your issues?

We have a very straight forward approach to mindfulness, no religion and no Gurus, just simple step by step techniques and a few life changing ideas which can help you to find some inner peace and happiness and get the most from your everyday life. We run mindfulness courses throughout the year, including our popular Everyday Mindfulness classes in London as well a whole series of summer Mindfulness weekends, mindfulness retreats and one day Juicy Living mindfulness workshops as well as Mindfulness groups in London for more advanced practitioners.

Wake up to a better way of living and join the Mindful revolution with The Now Project, we would love you to be part of this.

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